My Hurt Finger

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When I was walking on the treadmill, my foot came down crooked and I tripped. When I came down my finger got stuck on the bottom of the treadmill. When I saw it was stuck in there, I tried to pull it out, and it took me about 15 seconds until I finally got it out. It looked really bad and banged up. I yelled, "Hurry, Mom." She heard me and she ran really fast yelling, "What's wrong? What's wrong?" She looked at my finger and said, "We should have a doctor look at it." Then my mom told me to put my shoes on and go to the emergency room.

At the emergency room, they soaked it in some brown stuff. I don't know what it was. Then they took me in a wheelchair to the x-ray room. The doctor said that my pinky bone was cracked. The doctor took this metal thing and covered it up. After that it was bandaged up, and she put a plastic thing on it to make sure it stayed straight. The doctor said after a few weeks it will start to look better again.

This is what it looked like five days later on
June 17, 2009.
This is the bandage the doctor put on it.
    Here it is fairly well healed on September 5.