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Barn Owls and Pellets


I dissected an owl pellet with my teacher Mrs. Davidson.  We did it the last week of second grade.  I broke it in half and started digging through.  I found a bunch of bones.  I think it’s cool.

Here is some information we found on the Internet:

Owls and other birds of prey can’t chew their food so they either swallow it whole or tear it into pieces before swallowing. Undigested material is collected in the gizzard while the softer digestible material passes through. After several hours an owl will regurgitate, or cast, the undigested material in the form of a pellet. In addition to bones and hair, it is possible to find entire skulls of small mammals and birds in these pellets. Pellets are usually found under limbs of trees used by owls as a roost while digesting their meals.


This is what I found in my pellet
Here is a closer view
These are all the bones put in rows
My teacher gave us this paper to identify the bones
This is one of the two skulls that were in my pellet
This is the skull upside-down
This is a jaw
This jaw is turned over so you can see the teeth
This is a pelvic bone
A rib
We think this is a vertebrae
One of the skulls. The orange is a covering to protect the front teeth
Upside-down skull to show the teeth
Top view of the skull
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